Faculty of Communication


Atatürk University, Faculty of Communication was established with the decision of the Council of Ministers numbered 97/9535 published in the Official Gazette dated 04.07.1997 and numbered 23039.

Within the Faculty of Communication with the decision taken in the Executive Board meeting of the Higher Education Institution dated 16.12.1997; It is envisaged to establish Radio-Television and Cinema, Journalism, Public Relations and Publicity departments.

The Faculty of Communication first started its education and training with the Radio-Television and Cinema department on the second floor of the Faculty of Medicine building. As of January 2006, the Faculty, which moved to a temporary allocated place in the Faculty of Fine Arts building, continued its education and training activities in three departments in this building and moved to the newly built service building as of August 2019.

Departments were established in 3 departments in our faculty in accordance with Article 21 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547, dated 22.06.2017. In this context, Basic Communication Sciences (PhD), Radio-Television and Cinema (Master) in the department of Radio-Television and Cinema, which provides graduate education; Public Relations and Publicity in the Department of Public Relations and Publicity (Doctorate-Master); In the Journalism department, there are Journalism (Doctorate-Master's) main disciplines. In our faculty, 9 Professors, 8 Associate Professors, 15 Dr. There are a total of 43 academic staff, including a faculty member, 8 research assistants and 3 lecturers, and 18 administrative and technical staff. 

In the new campus of our faculty, there are modern classrooms, meeting rooms, computer lab, library and technical environments in accordance with technological revisions. The information resources in the faculty library have been classified with the International LC Classification System and transferred to the computer environment and presented to the service of the readers. The application units consisting of Computer Laboratory, Desktop Publishing Room, Atatürk Communication Newspaper, Radio University, Advertising Workshop, Public Relations Unit, Television Studio, Film Workshop, Digital Editing Unit, Director and Voice Over Studios are used to consolidate the theoretical knowledge that our students have acquired.

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