Department of Music Sciences


The Musicology Department at Ataturk University was established in order to conduct academic research in the historical evolution of music, in finding the origins of universal and national music and provide the researchers the necessary general knowledge in conducting this research with the proper techniques and methods. Another goal of the program is to train and educate musicologists, music producers, composers and vocalists and instrument players. The Department is staffed with sixteen academic personnel of whom two are Associate Professors, seven are Dr. Teaching Member and four are Research Assistants. 

The education at the Department is followed on the basis of improving the skills of students as well as helping them realize their thinking capacity, which will develop their creative potential and help them become strong personalities in their future professions. In the first two years of the program the students get fundamental music education, and for the development of their artistic skills they acquire general knowledge, technique and methodology. The last two years of their study is focused on musicology, research and analysis in musicology.