Department of Basic Education


This Department was established according to the Section 7/d-2 of Article 2880 of the Higher Education Council Code’s law number 2547. The Department is entitled to provide the instruction of all theoretical courses of the Departments under the Faculty of Fine Arts as well as the instruction of Art History classes. The Department executes this responsibility under the institutional framework of Basic Education and Art Theory and Criticism disciplines of the Department of Basic Education. Master of Arts and Proficiency in Arts degrees are also available at the Department. 

The Department aims to help its students gain the thinking dimension by accumulating knowledge in the Science of Art necessary for the creativity process as well as providing them the practical dimensions of art with the help courses such as Art History, History of Civilizations, Iconography, Modern Art History, Art Philosophy, Concepts of Art and Art Theories. 

For this reason, the Department of Basic Education’s Basic Education Program offers freshman courses to all departments of the Faculty of Fine Arts as faculty courses as well as the courses related to Art Theory and Culture, and coordinates the execution of these classes. 

The Art Theory and Criticism Program, on the other hand, offers interdisciplinary Masters of Arts and Proficiency in Arts tracks. The graduates of departments such as Art History, Archeology, Art History and Museum Studies, Painting, Sculpting, Turkish Traditional Handicrafts and Graphic Design can apply to the graduate program in Art Theory and Criticism, and students who complete the program obtain the title of Master of Art Theory and Criticism. The Proficiency in Art Theory and Criticism Program is also an interdisciplinary program which offers the graduates of above-mentioned departments the opportunity of completing doctoral studies. 

The undergraduate, graduate and doctoral courses of the Department of Basic Education, Basic Education and Art Theory and Criticism programs are coded TSE. Because these courses focus on the scientific and theoretical aspects of art and are mostly related to the subjects of Art History, the professors of these classes are mainly composed of Art History professors. 

The undergraduate classes of the Department of Basic Education are conducted by three Professors; i.e. one Associate Professors, and two Dr. Teaching Member. The graduate classes are instructed by eight faculty members, among which there are also Professors from other departments. Eight faculty Members are composed of a Professor, three Associate Professors, and four Dr. Teaching Member.