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Atatürk University --> 5 years after the foundation of Atatürk University, Rector Prof. Dr. Under the Presidency of Eyüp HIZALAN, on June 6, 1962, the first step was taken to establish Atatürk University Faculty of Medicine legally by establishing a historical decision for the establishment of the University Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Medicine. With this decision taken by Atatürk University Board of Directors, Rector. Dr. With the signature of Eyüp HIZALAN on June 15, 1962, the letter of 1867 was officially applied to the Ministry of National Education. This decision was made on 12 July 1962 by the Minister of National Education. Dr. Şevket has been approved by RAŞİT HATİPOĞLU; On 15 August 1962, the official letter informing that this approval was made was sent to our Rectorate. Thus, the decision to establish Atatürk University Faculty of Medicine was completed legally.

 In the same year, Dr. Eyüp HIZALAN, Dr. Muzaffer KÜRKÇÜOĞLU and Dr. Tali URAL was appointed as Expert Consultant, and this delegation prepared researches in the developed medical centers of the world and prepared a needs plan, and this plan was presented to the State Planning Organization in 1963. After the preparation of the need plans, the studies gained speed in order to provide the training staff and assigned to this subject. Muzaffer KÜRKÇÜOĞLU and Dr. Tali URAL Hacettepe Medical Center President Dr. They met with İhsan DOĞRAMACI personally in Ankara and asked for their support during the establishment phase. Cooperation project and protocol with Ankara University Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in the establishment and development of Atatürk University Faculty of Medicine on July 17, 1963. Dr. İhsan Doğramacı and Prof. Dr. Signed by Eyüp HIZALAN and Minister of National Education of the time, Dr. Certified by İbrahim ÖKTEN. In accordance with the cooperation protocol prepared, an advisory board consisting of 7 people has been established to assist in the establishment and development of Atatürk University Medical Faculty.

 Members of this board are as follows:

 1. Prof. Dr. İhsan DOĞAMACI

 2. Professor Dr. Dogan KARAN

 3. Prof. Dr. Sabahattin PAYZIN

 4. Assoc. Dr. Nusret FİŞEK

 5. Dr. Muzaffer KÜRKÇÜOĞLI

 6. Dr. Tali URAL

 7. Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Higher Education

 On March 25, 1964, he attended a consultant invited from the State Planning Organization. Dr. He is one of the professors of Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the third Advisory Board meeting chaired by Doğan KARAN. Dr. Muharrem KÖKSAL has been nominated as the Dean of Atatürk University Faculty of Medicine. Rector Prof. Dr. Prof. Eyüp HIZALAN on 28 March 1964 Dr. He reported that Muharrem KÖKSAL was appointed dean.

 The first students of the Faculty during the 1964-1965 academic year F.K.B. he was sent to Hacettepe Medical Faculty to receive education. This first group of twenty-three students completed their education and returned to Erzurum on 13 February 1966. In 1966, he became the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Ali ERTUĞRUL was appointed. On February 12, 1966, a group of 33 faculty members, many of whom were specialized abroad, started to work in Numune Hospital, which was allocated from the Ministry of Health to the Faculty of Medicine.

 In 1968, Morphology buildings were put into service within Atatürk University Campus and the foundation of the research hospital was laid by the prime minister of the period, Süleyman DEMİREL. After the construction of the hospital, our faculty moved to its Hospital in 1978.

 The deans of Atatürk University Faculty of Medicine since its establishment are as follows:

 Professor Dr. Muharrem KÖKSAL (Founding Dean)

 Professor Dr. Ali ERTUĞRUL

 Professor Dr. Mithat TORUNOĞLU

 Professor Dr. Ergun R. SABAR

 Professor Dr. Tali URAL

 Professor Dr. Muzaffer KÜRKÇÜOĞLU

 Professor Dr. Yaşar KUYUCU

 Professor Dr. Ayvaz KARABIYIKOĞLU

 Professor Dr. Zeki BAŞAR

 Professor Dr. Mete BABACAN

 Professor Dr. Ayten URAL

 Professor Dr. Sabahat KOT

 Professor Dr. Durkaya ÖREN

 Professor Dr. Şevki ÖZDEMİR

 Professor Dr. Handan ALP

 Professor Dr. Cahit KARAKELLEOĞLU

 Professor Dr. Sabri Selcuk ATAMANALP

 Professor Dr. Ozkan POLAT

 Professor Dr. Sabri Selçuk ATAMANALP (Current Dean)


 The Faculty of Medicine is one of the oldest faculties of Atatürk University, founded in 1957.

 The official foundation year of the faculty is 1962.

 The first students of the faculty were sent to Hacettepe University in 1964 for Basic Medical Sciences education.

 Annual student quota is 270.

 The education language of our faculty is Turkish and English.

 99 professors, 55 associate professors and 72 assistant professors work in 42 departments in 2016.

 More than 4991 physicians have graduated from our faculty since 26 October 1970.

 Our faculty has been providing education to the students of Kafkas University Faculty of Medicine and Erzincan University Faculty of Medicine since 2003-2004 education year.

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