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Atatürk University

The Mission of the Establishment

Ataturk University which was established in 1957 was described by the Founder Committee of Science with those duties and functions as:

  • 1-To be able to serve primarily and mostly for national ,social but also physical and  financial development of The Eastern Anatolia, in addition to being a new science centre, bringing the same wealth and spiritual health which are the same as the other regions to Eastern Anatolia,
  • 2- To contain spiritual and social science faculties which can have a role in the spiritual and social  development of the East and positive science , science and technical  faculties within the structure of the university,
  • 3-To consider the feature and need of the region in the activity of research education, to be a role model in the development of Eastern Anatolia, to announce  and apply the research results,
  • 4-To have a close cooperation of the institutes in the university among themselves and other universities, following the effects of development steps which will be taken by the government closely