Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures


On December 13, 2019 at 17:00, the program  Volunteers for the Turkish World  organized by the Kars Consulate General ofthe Republic of Azerbaijan , Department of Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures, Otağ Association, the Association of Azerbaijani Students and theTurk World Society  was held at Atatürk University Nenehatun Culture and Performance Center.

Following the stand in silence,Turkey and Azerbaijan National Anthems were sung.The program started with  inaugural of Dr. Sedat ADIGÜZEL Head of Department of Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures,then  the Azerbaijani minstrel Araz AĞAYEV and  minstrel Mevlüt MERTOĞLU from Erzurum performed a call-and-response duet.

Caucasian dance by Gözde YEDİBELA, İsmail Kerem AK, Murat YANIBAYEV, Zümrüt HAJİYEVA, Elsever MECİDOV, Merve TUGAY, Emrecan AKTAŞ and Deniz DELLALBAŞI, Blonde  Bride dance by Hanım ALİYEVA, Harmandalı dances by Elsever MECİDOV, Emre AKTAŞ, Deniz DELLALBAŞI,Merve TUGAY, Gözde YEDİBELA and  İSMAİLKEREM AK were performed and also   Azerbaijani Mugam  Artist Suma TAPDIGOVA, violin artist Çingiz ELİYEV, tarzen Vasif YUSUBLİ and artist Özlem KAYA AŞAN performed their works.

The closing speech of the program ,which  continued with the Turkish World Flag Ceremony, was given by Vice President of Otağ Association Muhammed GÜNTAY,President of Azerbaijan Students Union Hesret SEFEROV and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Literature. Dr. Süleyman EFENDİOĞLU.The participants were given the certificate of attendance, and the program ended with the presentation of  plaque to the organizers of the program by Aybeniz GARAGİLE GAFARLI, the Chairman of the Volunteer Literary Assembly of Turan.

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