The program structure of the University adopts the philosophy of integrated education which is based on the student-centered education approach and the program allows students to specialize according to their own preferences.

The educational philosophy of university includes the use of current methods and techniques which enable them to deal with complexity, diversity and change to prepare students for the future. In this context, the priority of the university is to provide education and research and development services in accordance with the universal understanding of science, considering the national and international developments.

The achievements of their programs are constantly monitored and evaluated. Seminars, learning communities, interdisciplinary studies and finishing projects are encouraged within the university. In undergraduate education, research-based approaches and methods that enable students to recognize research processes and problems and encourage them to learn by searching are part of the programs.

Cooperation is provided by including all stakeholders in the training and research processes.
In addition, studies are carried out to spread the use the results obtained from research and development activities.

All of the processes related to education and training are managed in accordance with the "Planning-Application-Control- Precautionary" cycle. In accordance with the strategic plan of the University, the planning of education and training, implementation, control of applications and necessary measures/improvements are provided, thus, the participation and evaluation of stakeholder and evidence-based management are fulfilled.

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