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Archive Services Coordinatorship Associate and and Undergraduate Degrees Research and Development Coordinatorship Coordinatorship of Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratories Coordinatorship of Associate and Undergraduate Education Coordinatorship of Electronic Device Repair Coordinatorship of Food Analysis Laboratories Coordinatorship of Occupational Health and Safety Application Institution Coordinatorship of YLSY Scholarship Program Digital Transformation and Software Office Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Social Integration Directorate of Graduate Education Directorate of Ice Museum Directorate of Intellectual and Property Rights Directorate of Laboratory and Analysis Accreditation Directorate of Manege Area and Equestrian Facilities Directorate of the Real-World Environment, Cold Weather and High Altitude Testing Center Research University Directorate of Monitoring and Evaluation Office Research University Artificial Intelligence Technologies Focus Area Coordinatorship Research University Chemistry Coordinatorship Research University Clinical Researches - Vaccination Focus Area Coordinatorship Research University Economics Focus Area Coordinatorship Research University Education Focus Area Coordinatorship Research University Food Supply Security Sector Coordinatorship Research University Smart Innovative Material Focus Area Coordinatorship Research University Space Sciences and Satellite Technologies Focus Area Coordinatorship Sustainability Coordinatorship The Coordination Unit of Scientific Research Projects
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