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Scholarship,  Student Loans for Tuition Fee and  Student Loans for Living Costs Opportunities

Scholarship: A non-refundable (non-refundable) scholarship is given to the students who are successful and in need of support studying at our university according to Law No.5102 “Scholarship for Higher Education Students’’

From the scholarship;

  • Associate Degree students,

  • Undergraduate students,

  • Students who graduated from two-year schools and enrolled in the third grade of four-year schools without interruption through vertical transfer examination (no scholarship is given in the adjustment or preparatory class)

  • MA and PhD (master's and doctorate degree ) students (no scholarship is given in preparatory class),

  • Students who are in the top 100 in the related points according to the result of the University Entrance Examination

  • According to the Institution and Organizations Law, Students who are amateurs and national athletes determined by the Board of Directors according to the criteria.

  • can benefit.

Student Loans for Tuition  Fee and Student Loans for Living Costs: Students who are the citizens of the Republic of Turkey and study at our university, student loans for tuition fee and student loans for living costs are given during their education but they have to pay them back.

Student loans for tuition fee and Student loans for  living costs;

  • Associate Degree students,

  • Undergraduate students,

  • Students who graduated from two-year schools and enrolled in four-year schools according to the vertical transfer examination points (no loan is given in the adjustment),

  • MA and PhD  (master's and doctorate) students,

  • can benefit.

Development  Foundation Scholarship:  Atatürk University Development Foundation grants scholarships to our students who are studying at our university and who do not have sufficient financial means, and thus, it is aimed to contribute to the educational life of our students.

Part-Time Student Employment Program: Part-time student employment program is implemented in our university and it also helps our students to gain work experience before they get a job.

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