Directorate of Personnel Affairs


*** Documents to be filled are available at the bottom of the page.
IMPORTANT: Please do not apply with a blank form. Those who apply with a blank form will not be permitted to fill out the forms in the office.
1. Filling in the Appointment Application Form (WARNING: Those working in the Ministry of Health must write in the relevant section in the form which institution they belong to within the Ministry.)
2. Photocopy of the diploma or temporary certificate of graduation
3.1 copy of identity card
4. Criminal Record  (It can be obtained from the address
5. Military Status Certificate (It can be obtained from the address
6. 2 (two) color photos (One of the photos will be pasted on the Appointment Application Form.)
7. Internet print on winning
8. Filling Out the Property Notification Form (To be filled in duplex. To be signed. Registration number will be left blank.)
9. Those who have been dismissed for various reasons while working as a permanent staff in any public institution (resignation, advocate, etc.), must obtain a service certificate from the last institution they left, and submit it to our Institution with the required documents.
10. Health Committee Report (Delegation Report) taken from the fully equipped State Hospital
Note: It will be sufficient for the candidates who are still working at our University to only submit the " Appointment Application Form and Internet Print for the Winning ".
DEADLINE : 23.06.2020
Note: Applications can be made by post. However, our Institution is not responsible for the deficiencies in the requested documents and the delay in the mail.
Note: Those who cannot intervene in the Appointment Application Form that opens (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) automatically, can open  the form with Adobe Reader and fill it in computer environment.
NOTE: Please fill the relevant forms in computer environment before submitting the documents. Do not apply with a blank form to avoid loss of time.
IMPORTANT: Those who have gained the staff of the Ministry of Health and who will receive specialization training at our University, should obtain information from the relevant Ministry for the required documents and assignments.
Application Address: Atatürk University Rectorate Personnel Department Assignment Branch

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