The first one of the conference series that organized by the Archeology Department of Ardahan university was held at Ataturk University(Erzurum) with the presentations made on 20 November 2019 by the Professor of the Archeology Department of Ataturk University  Mehmet IŞIKLI and Oğuz ARAS- Research Assistant of Ardahan University also a  PhD Student of Ataturk University.

Prof. Dr. M. IŞIKLı made a speech titled “The breaking Points of Mountainous Eastern Anatolia Archeology from its Beginning to Urartian” in  Faculty of Humanities and Letters Nazım Hikmet Hall.

In his speech, focused on the problems of the archeology of the region starting from Paleolithic Era to periods such as Chalcolithic, Early Bronze Age and Early Iron Age, Prof Dr. IŞIKLI emphasized that Eastern Anatolia is archeologically least researched region in our country and further research is needed.

Research Assist. O. ARAS began his speech titled “The first Kingdom in Eastern Anatolia: Urartians and Ayanis Castle/ City” by giving information about Urartian Kingdom and telling the problems related to archelogy of that period. Then he gave information about the ongoing excavation of Ayanis Castle/City in Van.

We thank the academicians of Ardahan university Asst. Prof. Berkay DİNÇER, Asst. Prof. sami PATACI, Asst. Prof. Yavuz YEĞİN, Research Assist. İsaf BOZOĞLU, Research Assist. Göknur KARAHAN for their invitation and hospitality.

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