The conference titled “Conservation and Restoration Applications and Their Importance in Archaeological Excavations” was given by Prof. Dr. Yaşar Selçuk ŞENER, the dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and a professor in the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Properties at Gazi University, on 23 March 2018, at Blue Hall of Atatürk University Culture and Performance Centre (Auditorium). The importance of the proper restoration and conservation of all the materials obtained by the researcher during the excavations and researches and systematical methods of operation about taking any kind of precaution and professional approaches to minimize the mistakes which could be faced about restoration and conservation were discussed during the conference. The event, organised by the Department of Archaeology and the coordinator of Archaeology Club, Assistant Professor Hasan Kasapoğlu, was held with the attendance of the dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Atatürk University, Prof. Dr. Mustafa BULAT, the director, Lokman KEMALOĞLU, and personnel of Erzurum Restoration and Conservation Regional Laboratory of the General Directorate of Cultural Properties and Museums, and professors and students of the Department of Archaeology at Atatürk University. The conference was ended when Prof. Dr. Yaşar Selçuk ŞENER answered the attendants’ questions about their own studies and opinions on restoration and conservation. 

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