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Distinguished Graduate Student Candidate,

Student enrollment procedures for undergraduate programs running in our university will be conducted on the terms and conditions contained in this page.

Why Graduate Training?

In the development and progress of a country, the level of post-graduate education that educates academics and scientists is an important indicator. Graduate education in the stages of conducting research, generating knowledge, and converting produced knowledge to product is parallel to the success of countries.

Postgraduate education at universities, and especially the doctoral stage, is an important indicator of the national and international scientific reputation and research level of a university. The fact that mankind is living a period that can be called the age of science and technology is a result of the above mentioned teaching processes. For this reason, new improvements are being made day by day in the graduate education for the students to have a better education in our country.

Why Atatürk University in  Post-graduate Education?
 In our university, post-graduate education and training activities are carried out by our institute directorates. In our university, within the scope of the undergraduate education carried out under the authority of the 7 institute administrations, a total of 12935 students in the post-graduate education and training programs including 10074 students in the Master's program and 2861 students in the 215 doctoral programs, including 254 thesis graduate and 18 non- teaching study.

 A total of 801 foreign students are enrolled in these programs.

In some graduate programs of the Institute of Natural Sciences, education is carried out in English.

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