Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


Atatürk University Veterinary Faculty Scientific Research Club is a community we have set up with the aim of directing students to research, following scientific developments and current publications, and  of presenting the information we have obtained from our valuable academicians to our club members. The official establishment of the club took place on 26/03/2019. After an opening to introduce our goals and club on 02/05/2019, we made our 'Literature Review' presentation with the participation of 20 students on 20/05/2019. On 21/05/2109, we discussed 'Article' and 'Citation and Plagiarism'.

The main objectives of our club are:

-Directing the students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to extracurricular scientific activities and encouraging and expanding scientific research

-Providing support for students who want to do scientific research in order to prepare the necessary environment and to communicate with academicians working on the subject.

- Supporting students who want to make presentations in scientific congresses about participation in appropriate national or international congresses

- Presenting issues such as how to search the literature in scientific studies, how to scan the correct literature, what to consider when making presentations, etc. to our club members.

- Supporting students to produce projects and participate in projects