Oltu Faculty Of Humanities And Social Sciences

Asst. Prof. Murat Dilmaç       +90 442 816 6008 Banking and Finance

Department Chair

Asst. Prof. Tuba Özkan           +90 442 816 6010

Asst. Prof. Murat Dilmaç          +90 442 816 6008 

Research Asst. Serpil Sümer     +90 442 816 6011
Sümeyra Gülcü                         +90 442 816 60 20 Department Secretary


In the department of banking and finance, it is aimed that, notably the banking department, the potenty of the qualified, proficient and top-end managers is trained.

Finance markets which are the leading of the fields where there is globalization  have changed much in recent years. This change is a global rivalry in which a wide variety exists from the viewpoint of financial market, financial institutions and financial instruments and that fast globalization of finance markets creates.

 Therefore, the personnel who are equipped with high standards to evaluate the opportunities which a wide variety and international rivalry bring in the sector of finance are needed. Besides, the role and importance of the sector of financial services have increased in Turkey as in the whole world. The financial institutions  such as banks, insurance banks, and stock brokers etc. which provided its personnel necessity that increased in the previous years from out-of-fields need the personnel who are experts in the field of finance most. In this respect, proficiency conditions are demanded fort he personnel who will work in certain fields in the finance sector.

The basic aim of this department is to train the labor power who work in the capital markets, have the equipment that national and international finance markets need, think analytically, question and have researching qualifications.

Business Opportunities of Graduates

The graduates of the department have the opportunity to work in the jobs such as a bank directorate, a personal and public banking, a specialist of researching and evaluating the bank investments, ARGE in the sector of banking, state or public banks in the field of both traditional and participation banking. In addition, they have the opportunity to find a job as a finance counseling in the public and private corporations, a manager, a finance manager, a credit analyst, a finance coordinator, a head of department, a financial reporting specialist, a manager of portfolio, a member of inspectorate, an accountant. In addition to them, they have the opportunity to find a job as a manager, a specialist in TCMB, the stock exchange commission, the banking regulation and supervision agency, the savings deposit insurance fund, the ministry of economy ( supervisorship and assistantship of supervisor), national and international financial audit corportions, investment consultancy, investment project consultancy,local government-municipalities, administrative courts, Turkish Statistical Institute, stock brokers, stock market, factoring and leasing companies, an insurer or a specialist in the insurance and re-insurance companies.