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The "Pandemic Period Distance Education Practices" to be implemented as of March 23, 2020 to prevent interruption of the learning processes of our students due to Coronavirus measures will be carried out within the framework below.

Lessons Will Continue

Except for applications, laboratory studies, and internships, all other courses will be conducted for a certain period of distance education according to the course of the pandemic. The instructor of the course will conduct lessons with resources sharing and activities for each week. Some courses will be held through video conferencing in graduate programs. The functioning of the distance education programs currently being carried on will continue as it is.

We are going through an extraordinary period

Today, when extraordinary conditions are experienced due to coronavirus (COVID-19), there is a need for the sacrifice of all parties regarding the distance education application that we will be carried out with the aim of minimizing the problems that may arise in the processes related to education and training activities.

We expect the support of everyone, especially our students, for the best execution of this application, which will be carried out due to necessity.

We know that there are difficulties that our students can experience in computer and internet access, so we took care to prepare mobile compatible system and content that does not require internet connection after download. However, internet participation will be needed in activities such as discussion and homework that provide the interaction between the lecturer and the student.

Students will Attend Courses through Student Information System (OBS)

Students will be able to access the courses offered through distance education through the Student Information System (OBS) they are using and the integrated Course Information System (DBS). Our students, who will study their lessons according to the weekly orientation of the instructors for each course, depending on this orientation; they will perform weekly studies such as reading resources, reporting, preparing homework.

In this process, students will not only be left with the content, student teacher communications on the system such as question and answer, discussion and other activities will continue.

In addition to these applications, live lessons can be performed for graduate students through video conferencing with faculty members. The registered lessons can be watched again later. Live course schedule and hours will be announced on the Institute website.

It is planned to carry out the theoretical parts of applied courses with distance education and to implement a compressed calendar program for application studies.

We Are with Our Students during This Period

The systems and operation have been made quite easy and usable.

“Department Distance Education Contact Points” have been created in their departments to answer our students' questions and requests via phone / email. With this support team created for each department / unit, we wish to effectively complete our students' adaptation process to the new method.

Guides showing step-by-step work on the introduction of online classes, participation in activities, communication with the instructor will be shared with our students simultaneously with the start of the training.

Assessment and Evaluation

Participation in the events such as discussion, homework, quiz, research report, etc. to be held in online environments will be included in visa points
Final exams will be clarified and announced according to the course of the pandemic process.

In order to overcome the negativities of this extraordinary period we have passed through, we hope that this practice, which is one of the reflections of the intervention and great sacrifices shown in the country in higher education, will be successful.
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