Faculty of Science


Our institution which served as Faculty of Science and Letters before was turned into College of Science and Faculty of Letters by the resolution of the Council of Ministers on 17 September, 2008. Our College of Science which consists of seven departments has been carrying out education and training and research activities  in the way which local, national, international necessities require by paying regard to its present background and its academic members’ experience and specialities. As research fields, it has been focusing on organic syntheses, biotechnology, gene technology, energy transfer,astrophysics, nanotechnology and so on. 

 Among our most targets are to support scientific activities such as projects, seminars and congresses at the national and international level continuously and to carry out them by being aware of the fact that science will be able to develop thanks to opinions and experiences’ being added to each other and mutual interaction at both national and international level within the historic period. Up till today our faculty put signature to a lot of scientific activities at the national and international level and from now on it will proceed on its way by increasing these activities.  

 Our faculty completed academic structuring and is one of the most esteemed faculties in our country and has been making contribution to our science and and higher education with 144 academic members,42 administrative personnel, 856 undergraduate students, 250 post-graduate students,290 doctorate students in the departments of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Physics,Mathematics, Molecular Biology and Genetics. Our faculty which have educated thousands of employees up to today has been expecting students from all over Turkey with the aim of educating them. It is a privilige to be educated in our faculty which has world class research laboratories and equipments and utilize laboratory applications, physical site visit in nature, audio visual instruments equipped with multimedia at most. 

 I hope that you will find a lot of information which you wonder about our faculty in our web page and I thank for your visit.