Faculty of Engineering



Dear students, respectable parents and dear sharers

The wide heritage of knowledge originated from different civilizations up to present day has conveyed our world into the technological developments and improvements in a scale of unbelievable dimensions which no one could imagine before. These developments have diversified and directed human needs. However, during the same period, they have resulted in the needs to become common in a worldwide system progressively becoming more and more global. The societies competing and striving to get benefit of these technological developments have enrolled into an important conversion period. The points on which must be put a great emphasize is how knowledge can be reached, and how it can be transferred further to the future while sustaining its development. Undoubtedly, education is the most effective means of this process. One of prior institutions in which the necessary education is given for technological development is, no doubt, engineering faculties. 

Engineering Faculty of Atatürk University continues its education to give its students a strong background in basic and engineering sciences, the necessary knowledge and an engineering perspective for the design in general engineering and related field, and the responsibility and tenderness in professional ethics.

At the present, our faculty, which provides engineering education in the fields of chemical, civil, computer, electrical and electronic, environmental, industrial, mechanical, and metallurgy and material engineering, is one of the leading engineering faculties of our country, with its well-equipped laboratory and research facilities, the quality and  number of its academic staff and the high quality of its education. Moreover, the quality standards of our faculty are continuously increasing, and some departments were already accredited by MÜDEK.  
I warmly welcome the students which choose our faculty for their engineering education, and wish success to them. We also wish success and happiness to our graduated students, who are also our colleagues, in their professional life, and I also would like to express my believe concerning that they will continue to maintain their close relation with the faculty.