Faculty of Medicine


Very Dear Members of Medical Faculty, Atatürk University; Atatürk University Medical Faculty was founded 54 years ago in 1962. It is a faculty which has got an old-line and esteemed past. It led many ways. We are aware of the fact that we are responsible for educating the students who prefer our faculty by taking high points in the university enterance exam as doctors and we have to solve the health problems of the people in our region.As Atatürk University Medical Faculty our aim is to develop these services which we give continuously and to carry out this in the best way. While we are doing this, we know that we have to ensure that our students and members stay on target in unity and in peace. We are proud of being a grad of Atatürk University and its esteemed Medical Faculty. We hope that our faculty’s very dear academic members, staff and students will support us in every step which we will take by being aware of our responsibilites. We do homage to all our members. We wish all of you far happier days.