Faculty of Pharmacy


Dear Students-Chemist Candidates of Future

A pharmacist makes the biggest contribution to the patient’s training, medicine consulting,preparing the medicines and preventing drug interaction and is one of ourcitizens’ closest medical advisors. Our faculty is the eighth of Faculties of Pharmacy in Turkey and was founded in 1997. It started education in the academic year 1998-1999. From its foundation till today it has come a long way and we have reached present conditions. Our faculty is one of the first ten faculties which becomes accredited. The fact that we become accredited means that we have completed our duty. The job of pharmacy has been developing continuously. We must study much harder so as to meet this period’s necessities, act with solidarity much more, come a long way faster. If we do not know which way to follow, we cannot have a chance to adapt the place to which we go wherever we go. Therefore, our targets are to follow the developmentsin the field of chemistry closely, make international cooperations, take the activities of research and development further, study more so as to educate our students on these fields, and to be known by the Faculties of Pharmacy in the world. 

Our faculty has produced nearly 600 graduates by today. We proudly see that our graduate pharmacists who are indispensable rings of health chain become qualified pharmacists andtake over a very important duty such as our citizens’ getting health service across Turkey. 

The academic members and administrative personel are to work much harder so that our students can be educated by a period of education open to criticism in the field of pharmacy and they graduate from our faculty as role model and impressive scientists with social responsibility projects and activities. 

Dear Students, I wish you to reach your dreams and targets and to have a healthy and happy education period. 

My best regards 

Prof. Dr.Yücel KADIOĞLU