Procedures to be Followed for the Course Registration Based on the Provisions of the Regulations
(For Sophomores or Senior Students in the 2017-2018 School Year)

Procedures regarding the Course Registration

Provisions of the Regulations regarding the Course Registration Procedure/s

The Possible Maximum Credit Amount to be Taken

The possible maximum credit amount for students in the registration year/school term is checked by the Student Information System based on the curriculum rules. Students are not allowed to take courses with more credit than the credit amount determined for the registered program. When the courses include collective compulsory course/s, these courses are excluded from the maximum credit limit (Article 15/1).

Priorities for Course Taking Procedures

Upon request, students in need of one course to graduate are allowed to take additional one course in addition to the maximum amount of credit hour for each term of the final year.
For any preconditioned course to be taken, another preconditioned course/s of the referenced course must be passed (Article 15/4).
Students first must register for the failed courses with letter grades (Z) or (FF) (Article 15).

Taking Courses from the Following School Term 

Except for the first year students of undergraduate programs and students of the vocational schools, students are allowed to take additional courses with ten credit hour at most,-courses with no precondition or previously met precondition, not to exceed the weekly maximum credit hour, on the condition that they have completed all the courses in the curriculum with at least 2,50 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) in the current school term they are in, with no repeating courses. If students meet these conditions, they are entitled to take courses in the re-registered school term from the following school term. The credit hour to be taken must not exceed the credit hour of the additional courses taken in the previous year. Only after this, they are allowed to take additional ten credit hour courses at most- courses with no precondition or previously met precondition. The credit hour of the courses taken this way is 20 credit hour at most, not to exceed the weekly maximum credit hour limit (Article 15/5).

Taking Courses from the Previous School Term

Students who want to increase their CGPA are allowed to take courses with no restraint, on condition that they do not exceed the maximum credit limit apart from the previous failed courses with FF grade. The latest grades students have taken is valid for repeating courses in calculation of the CGPA (Article 15/8).

Course Registration Procedures for Failed Students

Students fail if their latest calculated CGPA and the one before drop below the success barrage (2,00). Failed students cannot take courses from the following school terms. These students first must repeat the failed courses with FF grade. Only if they want, they are allowed to take courses other than the failed ones with FF grade until the CGPA comes up to or exceeds the success barrage grade (Article 29/1).

Students who have not signed up for courses or incompletely signed up due to the above-mentioned rules will be informed by the advisors about their condition.