Task / Procedures

The Date of Required
Task / Procedure

Provisions Of The Regulation Related to Required Task / Procedure
Contribution / Tuition Fees
 29 January 2018

16 February 2018

The first installment of student contribution and tuition fees is paid at the beginning of the first semester/year or during registration and the second installment is paid at the beginning of the second semester during the course registration and in the year-end education programs in February. Those who do not pay contributions or tuition fees within the period of time and whose excuses are not accepted by the related unit executive committee cannot register for the period and cannot benefit from the student's rights. (10/4)
The Course Registration Procedures

29 January 2018

2 February 2018

The course registration process takes place by paying the student's contribution and/or tuition fee within the periods specified in the academic calendar and completing the course taking process. (Clause 12/1-a)

The student who does not enroll in the courses specified in the academic calendar can not attend the courses in that semester/year and can not take the exams. (Clause 12/2)

Course Approval Procedures of Supervisor

29 January 2018

5 February 2018
In the course registration period included in the academic calendar, the student examines and approves the courses he / she wants to enroll on the student's student information system (OBS) during the course registration period. The course registrations are recorded separately in the student Information System and shown on the page where the course registration is made.

Course Registration and Approval Procedures for Students with Excuses

12 February 2018

16 February 2018

However, if the students who cannot enroll in the course within the period of time are justified and have valid excuses, on condition that the period of absence is counted as an excuse, the board of directors decides on the renewal of the course registrations depending on the academic calendar.
(Clause 12/2)

Lesson Change (Add & Drop) Procedures

5 February 2018

9 February 2018

Students may drop the course/courses taken within the first two weeks following the registration renewal deadline under supervision of the supervisor. New courses can be taken in place of dropped courses provided that the last period is counted as absent. (Clause 15/9)

The task and procedures for the course registration will be performed between the dates set forth above and all of these procedures will be completed on February 16, 2018.