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Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures

"The second National Unity and Brotherhood Symposium " organized by Union of Knowledge and Literature Work Owners (İLESAM) was held in Ministry of National Education Council Hall, Ankara on March 22,2018 thanks to the contributions of Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
Dr. Mayramgül DIYKANBAYEVA, a faculty member in Department of Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literature of Atatürk University, participated in the international symposium consisting of national and international participants and contributed to the symposium through her study called Alphabet Unity in Turkish World.  DIYKANBAYEVA stated in the early 20th century that Latin alphabet is more appropriate for Turkish Dialects and she mentioned about  Kasım Tınıstanov, a brave son of Kyrgyzstan , who advocated the necessity of creating a common alphabet for Turkish nations and also his language studies. In her manifesto, it was illustrated in detail that  Kasım Tınıstanov was the student of Mağcan Cumabayev, national poet of Kazaks and these two intellectuals both were arrested in 1937 and executed in 1938.