Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

About Department of Pharmaceutical Technology


The aim of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology:
1. to provide the students necessary knowledge and skills for the preparation of pharmaceutical products with safe, efficacious and high quality
2. to educate the highly-trained pharmaceutical scientists through master and doctorate programs to work in the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies and to serve the community by help solving problems related to pharmaceutical products and their manufacturing.

The objectives of Department of Pharmaceutical Technology:
1. To provide a holistic education on pharmaceutical technology area by incorporating relevant and up-to-date topics.
2. To encourage the students to conduct their own laboratory investigations in the pursuit of knowledge.
3. To give students the opportunity of studying on several equipment and instruments in the laboratory to provide the experience and to be scientifically oriented and to allow students to prepare their own formulations and be responsible for the methods employed and the products.
4. Conducting independent and collaborative research in areas related to the development of pharmaceutical products or its manufacturing.
5. To attempt actively to get several funding to help in the advancement of research and education in Pharmaceutical Technology field
6. Providing services to the industry and the community by participating in sponsored research projects, consulting or development of new technologies aimed at addressing the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and the community.
7. To train the educators and researchers who have knowledge at the international level
8. To design and prepare the pharmaceutical products and service to community by developing this products for using in human and veterinary medicine
Programs Offered
B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) students can continue their education in this department for a M.Sc. and/or Ph.D. degree. Currently, there are one doctoral student and one graduate student in this department.
Facilities of the Department
Lyophilizer, ultrasonic homogenizer, mechanic homogenizer, rotary evaporator, UV-vis spectroscopy, multiple magnetic stirrer, high-speed programmable refrigerated centrifuge, variable-speed centrifuge, tablet press machine, tablet dissolution test apparatus, hardness test apparatus, tablet disintegration test apparatus, tablet friability test apparatus, autoclave, oven, ubbelohde viscometer, pH meter, ultrasonic cleaners, vortex mixer set, shaking water bath.