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The registration procedures which will be done in our university’s units as part of the amnesty law will be carried out depending on the information on this page.

The temporal 78th article of the law numbered 7143 which has added the temporal articles to the higher education law numbered 2547 and gone into force by being on the official gazette numbered 30425 and dated 18.05.2018 is in the following.

In this context in the event that those that were dismissed from our university as part of the relevant article before the date of 18.05.2018 which is the effective date of the article apply to the relevant deanery/management until the date of 18.05.2018 within four months, it will be possible for them to start their education depending on the fundamentals which will be implemented by the Council of Higher Education with the fundamentals in the the temporal 78th article of the higher education law.

 “THE TEMPORAL ARTICLE 78 – The students are possible to start their education in the academic year 2018 according to the fundamentals  in the 44 th article of this law provided that those that receive education in all the classrooms included the preparation classes in the programs of adaptation, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, postgraduate in the higher educational institutions, included those that drop out the university willingly, except for those that are dismissed due to the connection with terrorist groups or those that are sentenced due to the terror crime and those that are dismissed owing to the membership, connection or adhesion of the structure, the organisation or the groups which are decided to act  against the national security of the state by the national security council, those that are dismissed whatever the reason is, and those that do not register though they win a program apply to the relevant higher education institution from the date on which this article comes into force within four months.

The military service of  those that are at the military age within the period of application are regarded to be delayed. In the event that those that have been doing their military service on the date when this article comes into force apply to the relevant higher education institution within two months after their disbandment, they can benefit from the rights which are mentioned in this article.

In the event that those who register the higher education institution which they leave by taking advantage of the provisions in this article and document that their jobs or their residences are in another city get the base point of the university to which they go and the senates of the higher education institutions in the city where they reside as from the year when they enter the university, they can carry out the undergraduate transfer of the equipotent diploma programmes in the city where they reside within the frame of the procedures and principles determined by the senates.

In the event that those who get a status to be a student in a higher education institution by benefiting from this article apply,  they can carry out the undergraduate transfer of the  equipotent programmes at the associate degree or bachelor’s degree in Anadolu University, Atatürk University and İstanbul University. The Higher Education Council is authorized to determine the procedures and principles relating to implementing this article. “

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