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Dear student candidates,

Students for undergraduate programmes of the faculties in our university and the stateconservatory will be taken by special talent exams made by the related units.

Readingthe Information Guide prepared for you about the related process of specialtalent exams carefully will be your benefit


Thecompulsive rule in the 6th clause of 2018 Higher Education Institutionsexamination (YKS) Guide says “The exams,selection and placement for the programmes which need special talent are madeby the higher education institutions. The applications for the programmes whichneed special talent are made directly to the higher education institution whichis related to the programme. The exam and the evaluation process are carriedout by the related higher education institution. The programmes which needspecial talent are in the Chart 5. To apply for the higher education programmesin chart 5, at least  150 points isnecessary in 2018-TYT” 

Aboutthe special talent exam which will be made by the related units of ouruniversity under this rule;


1. Make your application in accordance with the rules and procedures stated in the guide 

2When you need information or service about the special talent exam, do not proceed before you have read the related sections of the guide. Following the steps shown in the guide will help you and make you save time.

3. In accordance withthe Right to Information Act no 4982, the application you made about the rules and decisions explained in this guide will not be taken into consideration. 

4. The candidates applying for the special talent exam shall be deemed as to have accepted the rules in the guide and the applicable legislation 

5. The exam of the ones whohave made misrepresentation will be considered as invalid and even if they havedone the registration of them to the related programme will be erased 

6.  The announcement made onthis page will be considered as a notification to the candidates and there willnot be another announcement to the candidates


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