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Undergraduate Transfer Procedures 

The Regulations About The Principles of Transfer between Associate Degree Programs and Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Double Major, Sub-Branch and CreditTransfer Between Institutions 

TheApplication Principles About In-House and Inter-Enterprise Undergraduate Transfer at the level of Atatürk University Associate Degree Programs and Bachelor’s Degree Programs and Credit Transfer 

and have been carried out depending on the decisions of the Council of Higher Education related with the issue.  

The explanation about the grade point average of the students who make undergraduate transfer 

(YÖK –23.06.2014)

The explanation about recognition of theprevious education 

(YÖK – 18.07.2014) 

Undergraduate transfer which will be made for the programs that admit students through central placement grade and special talent exam


Transfers into MTOK Departments through central placement grade


Undergraduate transfer in the status offoreign student (YÖK-12.09.2014) 

The principles which will be applied during undergraduate transfer to be made through central placement grade (YÖK-08.01.2015)