Ataturk is unique  leader  that provided national unity in National Struggle ,  he was  a legendary commander in battlefield, a great  politician who founded  the state  , a powerful revolutionary   changed  people`s appearence  .With these qualifications ,  there is no doubt that  he was the  greatest man known by history of humanbeing. All  historians and  intellectuals  all agree on the idea that  Ataturk  raised qualifications of heroism and quality of humanbeing to  the highest level. When we compare him with  the great people of history , superior  characteristics of Ataturk stand out. Being  an intellectual and leader  makes  him  superior to other genius. He was a leader that combined idea and practice on his personality . Kemalism ,composing  the  core of notion  and  idea,  is  a logical philosophy that left all dogmatic elements .  That realist philosophy esteemed reason and science  in front of the problems resulted from domestic  condition  forms the basis of both Turkish Indepence War and  Turkish Modernization Movement.