Institute of Social Sciences




1) One photograph

2) Certified Copy of Bachelor’s Degree or Graduation Certificate

3) The copies of the result certificates of 2011 Autumn  Semester Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES) or the  equivalent exams (GRE-GMAT) ( those that have taken at least 55 in ALES or the  indicated marks in the equivalent exams can apply for Postgraduate Program). In  the applications for Major Arts of Faculty of Fine Arts, the ALES proviso is  not demanded. 

4) Certified copy of transcript which shows the marks of all the lessons which were taken during Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education and graduation average (Former graduates’ transcripts must be suitable for 4 point grading system)

5) While applying for the Postgraduate programs,the equivalents in 100’s system of the marks of  the candidates whose transcripts are determined according to 4 point grading system will be determined by basing on “ Atatürk  University Grade Conversion Table”.

6) Those that will apply for the departments of faculty of Fine Arts must deliver three original work and files to the  Deanship of Faculty of Fine Arts and stand ready for file review and proficiency tests in Faculty of Fine Arts on the indicated dates above.

7) Applications for preregistration will be made to The Directorate of Social Sciences Institute over the internet and the documents will be delivered to the institute in person. The candidates that will enter for over the internet will enter for by using the automatization program from Student Information System ( part of Supervisor- Student) in the web page of our university. 

8) The candiates that will apply for over the  internet must deliver their documents to the institute and have their applications  certified within the application dates. Otherwise, their applications will be  declared null and void. 

9) After the candidates that apply for post-graduate education deliver the documents demanded to the institute and have their applications certified, they will be able to have at least five preferences in accordance with the provisions within the preregistration period. The  applications of the candidates who do not make any preferences will not be  evaluated. Only the candidates who have the right to enrol in the first placement will be declared. The students themselves will enter for on the dates indicated. The candidates who cannot enter for in person due to the valid excuses can enter for within the registration period by means of power of attorney or legal representatives. Although they have been placed in one of the programs which they preferred, those that do not enter for the programs which they have won on the dates indicated are regarded to have lost the right to enter for whatever the reason is. The students in this case will not be  included in the placement which will be done for  the substitudes.


1) Total of %60 of ALES points of those that will apply for master’s degree with thesis and %40 of graduation average of bachelor’s degree must be at least 55. While determining the winners, in the order which will be done from the highest grade, those that will be in the quota are admitted.  In the first step, the list of the main candidates as many as the number of the quota is declared and final enrollments  are done on the dates indicated. After the final enrollments, a fill-in list is declared for the vacancies and those that have won the right to enter for as a substitute are enrolled.

2) Total of   % 60 of the proficiency exam grade in the way of the file examination and % 40 of bachelor’s degree graduation average of those that will apply for the post-graduate programs of the departments of Faculty of Fine Arts cannot be under 55. While determining the winners, the order is done from the highest average to the lowest average. The main candidates as many as the quota is declared as substitutes fort he vacancies after the final enrollments.

3) Because the candidates  that won the final enrollment right  didn’t  enter for, the candidates who were declared as substitudes, if they applied  for, will be admitted. 

4) The students who entered for bachelor’s  degree programs, if they wish, can give a petition and attend the English  Preparatory Classes carried out by School of Foreign Languages. 

5) The candidates whose qualifications are  suitable for the 16th article of Postgraduate Education and Training  Regulations and who will aplly for postgraduate programs can be trained in a scientific  preparatory program with the offer of the related departement and the board  decision of the institute.