Atatürk University has one of the most beautiful campuses in Turkey. The closed area on the campus which has open area of 6.5 million mis 1 million m2. The campus attracts attention as an ideal living space especially with its green areas and landscape which represents the urban aesthetic.

Drawing attention with its decent and peaceful environment, the campus has a mobility of population up to 50.000 people in a day. There are also shopping centres, branch banks, cafes, playgrounds, cinema halls and sport halls, which can meet all kinds of the daily needs, on the campus where there are walking tracks and cycle tracks which cover all the campus as well.

A Safe and Peaceful Place

One of the most important features which make Atatürk University special is that it has a safe and peaceful atmosphere.  Our university which is regarded as “the most peaceful university with the highest life standards” among the universities in Turkey is an educational institution where the individuals with different cultures and different world views live brotherly, peacefully and tranquilly.