Check whether you  have to pay or not

 Sign in  Öğrenci Bilgi Sistemi (OBS) by writing your user name and password. Then click to “Personal Info” menu under “the Personal Details” link.

You can find out from opened screen whether you have to pay or not and the amount of the payment if you have to pay. If you have more than one programme registered, you can find out the payment information of the programme in which you will enrol with “Choose the Unit” tab on the far right of the screen.

The debiting procedures of our students in 2017-2018 Educational Year will be made according to   "2017-2018 Eğitim-Öğretim Yılında Yükseköğretim Kurumlarında Cari Hizmet Maliyetlerine Öğrenci Katkısı Olarak Alınacak Katkı Payları ve Öğrenim Ücretlerinin Tespitine Dair Karar"which have been adopted by the council of ministers and published in the Official Gazette dated 21 October 2017 and numbered 30217.

 Click for the contribution/ tuition fees of  Atatürk Üniversitesi in 2017-2018 AcademicYear

Students that registered to the programmes of our university can pay the fees from the date 15 January 2018  Vakıflar Bankası (ATMs, bank branches,online), Halk Bankası (ATMs, bank branches, online), Ziraat Bankası (ATMs or online)or by credit card from the menu “ONLINE PAYMENT” on  Student Information System (ÖBS)

 Click for learning how to pay the fee ONLINE from ÖBS.

The payment will be made by student number, there will not be an account number or ID number.

The students who has just registered to our university pelease click to learn your student number.