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Institute of Social Sciences

Documents Demanded During Final Enrolment


The certified copies of all the documents demanded in the following will be taken and none of the documents will be certified in the institute.

1) Four photographs ( the regulatory compliance is necessary)

2) Certified copies of bachelor’s diploma and transcript for master’s degree, bachelor’s diploma and transcript for doctor’s degree (except for those that have given before)

3) Certified copy of id card (except for those that have given before)

4) ALES exam result (except for those that have given before)

5) Foreign Language Equivalence Certificate accepted by YDS or Interuniversity Board of the persons which will apply for doctor’s degree (except for those that have given before)

6) Certificate which will be taken from Recruiting Office for male students (except for those that did military service)

7) Supervisor Preference Form (it will be taken from the institute)


1) The application by mail will not strictly be accepted. It will be applied for in person or through power of attorney.

2) The period of application and final enrolment will not be extended.

3) The documents which are taken during the  application will not be handed back. 

4) 2014-2015 Academic Year Fall Semester Course Enrolment will be made on the dates between 8.9.2015 and 14.9.2015.

5) 2014-2015 Fall Semester Courses will start on the 15th of 2014.

ADDRESS: Atatürk University Directorate of Institute of Social Sciences

School of Foreign Languages Block B Third Floor 25240 ERZURUM / TURKEY