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                 2017-2018 ACADEMIC    YEAR SPRING SEMESTER


Information related to the quota for undergraduate transfer with WGPA can be accessed from the UNDERGRADUATE TRANSFER PROCESS page of the Presidency of Higher Education Council.

In the spring semester, undergraduate programs can not be transferred with WGPA and it can be done for associate degree programs until the 2nd semester.


A - Transfers to be made in accordance with Annex 1 of the regulation

The provisions of  article 8 of the                 “ Principles and Procedures Concerning Applications for Fall Term" will be carried out within the scope of the provisions “Student quota allocation of 30% of the student quota foreseen in the Student Selection and Placement System guidelines for each grade of each diploma program in higher education institutions, including preparatory class, not exceeding 90% (Amended dated 28.04.2017 and no. 30043 YÖK), In Article 10, “universities do not have to declare an additional quota, applications must be taken from 1 August to 15 August before the academic term starts every year, and applications must be announced until the 10th of September and the registration must be completed until the 15th of September, students registered must be notified to the higher education institution where they transfer to the university by the end of September. (Amended dated 28.04.2017 and numbered 30043 & dated 06.06.2017 and numbered 37697 of YÖK)

B - In the article 8 of the “Principles and Procedures Concerning Applications for Spring Term" depending on the provision, In the decision of the Senate dated 25.12.2017 and numbered 18/153, "the quota allocated for each class of associate degree and associate degree programs that are carried out in all other departments other than the units that carry out education and training activities in our university (faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine) is up to 20% of the quota allocated for, will be carried out within the scope of the provisions as in the article 10 - " Quotas allocated by universities for the spring term only, to be announced, applications and evaluations for the spring term before the beginning of the education period" .