Earthquake Research Center



Established in 1989, Earthquake Research Center cunducts academic research in seismology and earthquake engineering in its seperate campus on Erzurum-Cat highway since the year 2000.

The constitution of academic personel involves 1 civil engineer, 2 geologists and 1 geochemist. There is one secretary and one technican working in the center.

Our center also represents Ataturk University in the Turkish National Seismology and Physics of the Interior of the Earth’s Commission (TUSAK).

The center is arranging workshops aiming at educating academic personel of its own and other seismological agencies.

We offer summer internship to undergraduates of jeophysics departments, there are ample material and facilities to practice and learn seismology.

Besides, we give basic information in our building to groups of elementary school students together with their teachers on demand.