Oltu Faculty Of Humanities And Social Sciences


With its 31 thousand people, the Oltu district is the largest district of the province of Erzurum and the region. The district has Higher Education male and female dormitories, including the private ones and apart hotels to meet the need for shelter.

With its 30 specialist physicians, 120-bed Oltu Public Hospital offers services successfully to local people in every branch. Hotels, guesthouses (state-run guesthouses) and university guesthouse are sufficient for accommodation services. The district has restaurants, cafes, tea houses and green social living quarters.

As it is located at the junction point of the provinces in the region (Artvin, Ardahan, Kars), transportation is easy to the city centre.

Mall and groceries offer services to all the neighbourhoods of the district.

The district has sufficient number of primary, secondary and high schools to meet the need, offering high-quality education. Day nurseries, kindergartens and private teaching institutions offer services to local people.

Sports facilities, clubs and fitness centres in European standards also exist. With the construction of thousands of houses in recent years, house for rent problem has been eliminated.

5 branch banks and ATMs offer services to the district. Study halls, conference and wedding saloons, library and internet cafes are available for service.

Since the district is located in the eastern Black Sea region, it is sunny and hot even in winter most of the year. The average high temperature is above 10 Celsius, and the average low temperature is below 15 Celsius. Natural gas service is delivered only to private and official houses.

Organic vegetables and fruits are locally produced. People consume organic foods from the local markets.