Faculty of Nursing



Dear Colleagues;

We are feeling enthusiasm and excitement for preparing Palandoken International Congress on Nursing  Education which will be held between the dates 24-26 October 2019.

As members of the nursing profession that gives priority to worthiness of human and aims to meet humans’ needs, we are protecting our past by being grateful to our colleagues that worked in our field; present day by caring our patients and our future by following and sharing science.

Our profession, which has a history dated back to the first age is getting stronger quantitatively and qualitatively day by day with our new colleagues to join us. Palandoken International Congress on Nursing Education represents this power.

We continue our preparation so as to scientific and social sharing. With the pioneering, dynamic and innovative vision of Ataturk University, we want to embrace our colleagues. When we are together, we are strong, successful, happy.

Palandoken International Congress on Nursing Education will hold “International”  qualification with the international scientists in the organisation committee. With the aim of discussing the needs, trends and application examples of  21st Century nursing education at universal level, we have determined our topic as “ International  Perspectives in Nursing Education”.

During the congress, national and international scientists who are experienced in their fields will make presentations about many current issues. The scientific program will start with the courses suitable for the congress topic and will continue with intensive and satisfying scientific sessions in three consecutive days. Papers will be presented in oral sessions for three days and the best one will be awarded.

In the 96th anniversary of the foundation of our Republic, Erzurum, as one of the cornerstone of struggle for independence, will embrace you with its unique history, nature and climate. Seeing Republic day ceremony in Erzurum will grow our congress excitement and success.

As the organising  committee of Palandoken International Congress on Nursing Education, we are aiming our congress to have the quality to meet the current requirements of the congress attendants as well as to meet academic expectation of the them. Of course, we also want to discuss, socialise and have fun together.

I would like to invite all my colleagues to the Palandoken International Congress on Nursing  Education and express my respect.

Prof. Dr. Mağfiret KAŞIKÇI

President of the Congress