Faculty of Communication


5th grade students of Atatürk University Süheyla-Sıtkı Alp Secondary School were the guests of the Radio of Communication Faculty.

The little students, who were the guests of the radio program coordinated by Yelda Korkut, came together with the audience through Radio University on the 102.0 frequency live broadcast about the ''Sarıkamış Operation.''

In the radio program about the Sarıkamış Operation which took place on December 22, 1914 and in which tens of thousands of soldiers were martyred, Süheyla-Sıtkı Alp Secondary School Social Studies Teacher Fazlı Kartal gave information about Operation Sarıkamış, and then the students read their poems and writings.

The little students who were excited to be a guest of the radio program, where emotional moments were experienced in memory of our martyrs, expressed their happiness for participating in a radio program for the first time on this meaningful day.