Directorate of Personnel Affairs


In order to be employed in the Health Research and Application Center Directorate of our University (Research Hospital) according to paragraph B of Article 4 of the Civil Servants Law No.657 and to be covered by the Special Budget, 461 copies were published in the Official Gazette of our University dated 25.06.2020 and numbered 31166 and on the official website of our University. The list of the candidates who applied to the contracted personnel position online at and who were in the main rank in the results announced on 01.09.2020 and who did not apply within the specified time, were in the reserve rank and got the right to contract, was published.

Candidates whose names are on the reserve list are required to submit the copies of the documents approved by the original or competent authorities in their online applications to the Health Research and Application Center (Research Hospital) Personnel and Personnel Office until the end of working hours on Tuesday, 15.12.2020. .

Candidates who do not apply within the specified periods or who are found not to have the required qualifications will not be appointed and other substitute candidates will be applied respectively.

This announcement is in the nature of notification and no additional notification will be made.

It is announced to those concerned.

Documents required;

1-KPSS Exam Result Document

2-Graduation Certificate

3-Criminal Record and Archive Record

4-Photocopy of Identity Card

5-Military Status Certificate

6-Health Status Declaration Form (Click For Related Form)

7-Declaration of Property (Click For Related Form Front / Back)

8-4 Passport Photographs

 9-An official letter obtained from the relevant institution showing the status and how they left for any public institution employees in the last 1 (one) year

10-If Requested in the Staff Applied;

SSI Service Statement
Cerificate, First Aid Certificate, Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) Certificate, Difficult Airway Intubation Certificate) A document obtained from the relevant institutions certiificate (Nursing Care Process and Applications Certificate, Workplace Nursing Cert showing the work experience
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