A Text of Cursing and Condemnation in response to Groundless Genocide Allegations

On behalf of Atatürk University, we curse and condemn the statements and declarations of various heads of states and officials, notably the Vatican and the European Parliament, relevant to so-called genocide allegations issued and groundlessly charging our nation in  recent days.

As all of the conscientious and sane parties, we ourselves as well, follow-up stunned and open-mouthedly the attempts of the imperial powers, daring to sermonize philanthropist speeches, whereas these powers, in accordance with some certain plans to antagonize the nations and for the sake of achieving their goal, made a land promise to Armenians.

Once these two nations, Turks and the Ottoman Armenians, shared happiness and sorrow together and made it their lifestyle to gather both in joy and sadness and had the same will to live within the same rooted-culture and a joint history, unfortunately, have become the modern era’s tragic victims, sentenced to death and exile by imperial powers.

On one part, Armenians, deceived with multifarious promises, got ganged and revolted  in result of incitements, even declared war against the Ottoman Empire, on the other part, Turks, struggled to defend their homeland and honour from assailant charges and sacrificed heavily for that purpose.

We all know and are aware of that imperialism has always abused and taken the advantage of the weak in accordance with its interest and desire by regarding anything as congeable to achieve the goal.

This fact is valid even today, as it was in the past.

We also know that these sinister powers, using the concepts of human rights, justice, equality and freedom without seeking any humanitarian purpose, are on the prowl of creating a substantial block against an uprising and thriving power, Turkey, on its way to become a global and world-wide power.

We are sure that those who have an objective regard and clear conscience, by considering historical circumstances and facts, would admit that; either in our religion or in our culture and lifestyle, we have no sympathy for destroying, devastating or othering and alienation; especially for a genocide which unequivocally is a inhumane action and cannot be placed in the vision of our civilization.

   We certainly are sure! Because our civilization is the culture of rendering life and creating a humanely world. This fact has been valid for thousands of years and will proceed forever.

In the light of this commitment and faith we invite every each individual to regard historical and conscientious facts and want to remind that blaming Turkey for a genocide with groundless allegations is nothing more than trying to build a fictional history on untruthful claims.

Besides, contrarily what has been claimed, historical facts prove that ten thousands of Muslim Turks were slaughtered and murdered.

We devoutly invite those to Erzurum; who want to take a closer look on these documents, deceived with fictitious allegations imposed and ignore historical facts.

The remains, memories and traces of devastated, burnt down villages, women exposed to assaults, rapes and murders, only three-five-month-old babies executed by gunfire and men burnt alive, stuffed within a close place, are even today standing vivid . Solely in Erzurum, dozens of mass graves have been excavated and unearthed. There are still dozens of them located but have not been unearthed.

The size of  terrifying massacre performed by Armenian gangs, can only be observed and witnessed at the very place, Erzurum. Our call for those who want to face the realities and facts is to give an ear to every each family’s memories with documents and remains with them as the massacre of Armenians is still vivid in our nation’s mind. Because each family in Erzurum has martyrs murdered by Armenians in their history.

For murder, though it have no tongue, will speak.

Thus, we intend to remind once again that this issue is paramount and delicate as can not to be left to the mercy of some groups conspiring new future plans within different platforms, parliaments and cathedrals.

In today’s world, people are in the edge of being able to recognize and differentiate which is true and which is false, which is dark and which is bright.

Therefore, on behalf of Atatürk University Senate, we once more call for public opinion hereinafter.

Reaching the truth is only possible with free and objective experts’ researches and observations within a free-from-prejudice attitude, in the light of history and science. We, Republic of Turkey, have opened all of our archives for years. We devoutly invite scientists to unearth what happened with objective historical facts.

After all we confidently want everyone to know that we will confront and take a stand with a strong historical conscience, unshakeable faith and tenacity against those who have been trying to take advantage of grieves and capitalize on this venerable land by garbling and violating historical facts in the cause of nasty imperial aims.

Respectfully announced to the public.