What does course enrolment mean?

Course enrolment is a procedure for students registered for undergraduate or postgraduate programs including the payment of the tuition fee within the deadlines for the related academic year and completing taking classes.

Where can I enroll for the classes?

Course enrolment  can be done on Student Registration System (OBS)

How can I enroll for the classes?

Course enrollment is done as it is stated in the “Course Registration Information Guideline”

Whom the responsibility 

belongs to for the course enrolment procedure?  

Students are responsible for the whole procedure of course enrolment.

Can I consult my supervisor about course enrolment procedure?

Registration information of the students paying the tuition fee is approved by the supervisors. Enrolment finalizes following the supervisors’ approval. It would be useful to contact the supervisor within this process.

I missed the enrollment deadlines. What should I do?

Students missing the enrollment deadlines cannot attend the classes and the exams. This period is counted within the education period as per the law no 2547.  But for those having reasonable excuses, the board decides on whether to renew the enrolment or not provided the absenteeism substitutes the related excused time.

Is it necessary for the students enrolling the    university for the first time to choose courses and register or to ask their    supervisors for any approval? 

All the students studying at our University (including the newly enrolled ones) are to choose their own courses belonging to their semesters within the deadlines stated on academic calendar over the Student Information System (OBS) and ask their supervisors for approval.

Is it possible for the students missing the course    enrollment in either fall or spring semester or in both to enroll the next    semester?

Students missing the course enrollment in either fall or spring semester or in both can enroll the next semester.

I have courses I retake overlapping my current    courses. Can I still take them?


If the retaken courses overlap term courses and in the way that exceeds the absenteeism rate, then the student has to retake the failed courses primarily. Enrolment failures because of the overlaps do not stops the procedure of upper limits in education periods.

Are there any priorities among the courses during    the enrolment?


Students primarily have to enroll for the courses they fail (FF) or for the ones they exceed absenteeism  (Z)


Should I primarily enroll for the courses I fail    during the re-enrolment?

Students primarily have to enroll for the courses they fail (FF) or for the ones they exceed absenteeism (Z) in the first semester of the course given.

What should I do if I have courses I take during    exchange programs but fail?

These courses can be taken in the summer schools or can be retaken after the exchange program.

Is there an upper limit for the credit hours of the    courses taken in a semester?

The upper limit for the credit hours of the courses taken in a semester is 26 credit hours, but it may change depending on the enrolled program. You can learn your credit limit from the regulation principles of the program you enrolled. In 2017-2018 academic year, this limit is determined as to be 40 AKTS for the first grade students.

Are Turkish language, Foreign Language, and    Ataturk’s Principles and History of Turkish Revolution courses included in    this maximum credit hour limit?

Turkish language, Foreign Language, and Ataturk’s Principles and History of Turkish Revolution courses are not included in this maximum credit hour limit. For students to study first grade in 2017-2018 academic year, these courses are included in 40 AKTS.

What is Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) or    (AGNO)

Cumulative Grade Point Average is calculated after multiplying every credit hour of every course the student enrolls and the weighted coefficient of the pass mark of the student, and then all are added up and divided into total credit hours.

Are there any connections between Cumulative Grade    Point Average and course enrollment procedure?

There is a connection between Cumulative Grade Point Average and course enrollment procedure. If the student’s Cumulative Grade Point Average (AGNO) is below 2.00 for two successive semesters. The student cannot take courses from the next upper semester.

Can I retake the courses from the sub-period to    increase my Cumulative Grade Point Average (AGNO) even if I do not fail the    courses?

Students wishing to increase their AGNO’s can retake the classes provided not exceeding the credit hours limit. The last mark of the course is taken into consideration for calculating the AGNO.

What are the conditions for taking courses from the    next upper semester?

Except for students of first grade undergraduate programs and of vocational schools, students taking all the courses as of the semester they are in and having an Agno of 2.50 min can take courses from the next upper semester.

Can I take courses from upper semester at the end of    the first semester of the first grade if I have 2.50 or over AGNO degree?

Students with 2.50 an over AGNO(Cumulative Grade Point Avarage) degrees cannot take courses from upper semester.



How can I learn who my supervisor is?


Your supervisor’s name is written just under the “taking courses” screen under Education menu on Student Information System (OBS)

How can I contact my supervisor?

You can contact your supervisor via Student Informatıon System (OBS) using the “messaging-send message” screen. You can send and take messages to and from your supervisor.


Where can I get my student identity card?

When your student ID gets ready, you’ll be informed by an SMS. After you get the message, you can take your student identity card from the student administration office in the faculty you enrolled.

How can I get the banderole to be sticked on my    student ID at the beginning of every fall semester?

Newly enrolled students have already have their banderoles sticked on their student ID. Second and over grade students can get their banderoles from the student administration office in their faculty.

Can first grade students take courses from upper    grades (second grade)?


How many credit hours can I take in one semester?

You can reach the information via the “Education-Taking Classes” menu on Student Information System (OBS)

I have some common courses with my previous    University and the department I’ve just enrolled. Should I choose these    courses too?

Yes you should choose the common courses and ask your supervisor for approval, but after the board of the faculty issues the decision, the courses that you exempt are registered on Student Information System (OBS) by the Student Administration officers and are subtracted from the “taking classes” list.

How can I know which courses I should choose?

You can reach the information on “Education-Taking Classes” menu on Student Information System. You can also see which courses are compulsory and which are not. 

I have just got into the University. Is my course    enrollment going to be made automatically?

No. You should choose your courses online on Student Information System within the deadlines stated in enrolment calendar and ask your supervisor for approval.

How can I get the syllabus?

Syllabuses are announced on both the websites and boards of the related departments. You can also get the syllabus from “Education- Syllabus menu on Student Information System

I’ve forgotten my password and cannot log in Student    Information System. How can I renew my password?

For Student Information System user guide click.



Should ı give an account number while paying my    tuition fee? At which banks can I pay my tuition fee?

You do not need to give any bank account number while paying your fee. You can pay the fee with your STUDENT NUMBER (not with tr identity number). To learn your Student number click

Banks you can pay your tuition fee at: Ø Vakıf Bank (branch, ATM, online banking) ØHalk Bank (branch, ATM, online banking) Ø Ziraat Bank (branch, ATM, online banking). You can aslo pay your fee on ONLINE TUITION FEE PAYMENT page on Student Information System, to learn how to do so click.

How can I connect WIFI in the campus? How can a get    an address?


To watch the video help on the topic, click

How can I update my photo on Student Information    system (OBS)

For photo update guideline, click

How can I learn about topics such as exams,    evaluation, courses etc.?

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