How can I  get brief information about undergraduate transfer?

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What is  undergraduate transfer?

Undergraduate transfer is the right of a student enrolled in a higher education institution to continue learning in other diploma programs at the same level, within the framework of "Regulations on Transfer between Programs, Double Major and Minor and Credit Transfer between Institutions at Higher Education Institutions and Programs at the Level of Bachelor's Degree and Bachelor's Degree in Higher Education Institutions.

How many undergraduate transfer programs are there?

There are three types of undergraduate transfers. These are:
a) In-house undergraduate transfer; it is a transfer made to different units within the same higher education institution. (For example, horizontal transfer from Atatürk University Science Faculty Chemistry Department to Atatürk University Engineering Faculty Chemical Engineering Department)
b) Horizontal transfer between institutions; Horizontal transfer between different higher education institutions. (Example: Horizontal transfer from Chemistry Department of Atatürk University Science Faculty to Chemistry Department of Gazi University Science Faculty)
c) Horizontal transfer from the foreign higher education institutions to the domestic ones; Horizontal transfer between higher education institutions located abroad and higher education institutions located in the country. (Example: Horizontal transfer from the Theology Department of the Theology Faculty of Yemen San'a University to the Theology Department of the Faculty of Theology at Ataturk University)
In how many ways is it possible to make a transfer? 
Undergraduate transfer can be in two ways,
a) Undergraduate transfer by weighted Grade Point Average; Undergraduate transfer of the student in the semester / year depending on the weighted grade point average.
b) Undergraduate transfer with Central Placement Score; it is made in the case where the student's score of central placement when enrolled is equal to or higher than the base score of the diploma program he / she wishes to pass.


When can I  apply for a transfer? 

Within the dates included in the academic calendar of the relevant year for undergraduate transfer with Weighted Grade Point Average You can apply by 30 August for undergraduate transfer with the Central Placement Score.

Can I apply for an undergraduate  transfer during the interim period (Spring Semester)?

Depending on the Weighted Grade Point Average, there is a transfer period (spring semester) for associate degree programs (2 year programs), not for undergraduate programs (4 year programs). With the central placement score, it is possible to make undergraduate transfers in both fall and spring semesters.

In which  grades is undergraduate transfer impossible? 

Depending on the weighted Grade Point Average, a transfer cannot be made in the first and last semesters of the associate degree programs and the first two semesters and the last two semesters of the bachelor degree programs

What are the application documents for undergraduate transfer?

1- Petition,

2- The original transcript that shows the grades that the student will receive from the institution that she/he will leave and all courses and grades he / she obtained from these courses,

3- Course contents (approved by relevant institution),

4. Certificate of non-disciplinary action

Can I apply  for an undergraduate transfer after I froze registration?

Freezing a registration does not constitute an obstacle to enjoying the right of transfer.

What classes will I take after I get  transferred?

The undergraduate transfer commissions that are organized by units determine whether the student will be exempted from the course and to which semester they will be transferred according to the "Atatürk University Course Exemption and Adaptation Procedures Application Principles", taking into consideration the courses taken by the students requesting a transfer to the higher education institution and the courses of the program the students get transferred to.

Can students who study  at Foundation Universities get transferred to State Universities?

Students who study at Foundation University can transfer to State Universities if they meet the requirements for undergraduate transfer In accordance with the relevant legislation (Decree of Council of Ministers), students who are transferred from foundation universities to state universities are subject to the provisions of the relevant legislation.

Can I make an undergraduate transfer  from the double shift teaching (from the evening class) to the regular teaching  (day teaching)?

Evening education students who graduates from the current grade entering the first ten percent of the grade in terms of success can get transferred to the regular diploma programs within the quota. .

Can I be transferred from formal  education (day teaching) to double shift education (evening class)?

 Under the undergraduate transfer conditions, transfer from regular education to evening class is possible. The students who are transferred from the regular education to evening education are supposed to pay fee for evening education.

Is it possible to make a  undergraduate transfer from open and distance education to regular education  programs? 

 Transfer from open and distance education to regular education is possible. In order to be able to get transferred from open and distance education to regular programs, student's overall grade average in the current program must be  over 80 or over 100 or central placement score must be equal to or higher than the base grade of the university in the diploma program.