Graduate School of Health Sciences


At which levels can I receive education in the  Institute of Medical Sciences? 

You can receive education in the fields of post-graduate and doctorate.

Can I receive education in non-thesis master’s degree  program? 

Students have been accepted to the Occupational Health and Safety Distance Education Non-Thesis Master’s Degree Program since 2016-2017 Academic Year.

What provisions and  documents are necessary so as to apply for post-graduate education? 

You can reach application the information about provisions and necessary documents by means of “Post-Graduate” button in the web page of Atatürk University. (

Between which dates can I apply for post-graduate education?  

You can follow post-graduate programs in our institute, the application dates of which are announced before Spring Term and Fall Term every year, from the menu “Period Schedule” which you can reach by means of “Post-Graduate” button in the web page of Atatürk University. Except for the schedule  which is announced you cannot apply for any post-graduate program.



What is ALES base point so as to apply for  Post-Gradute and Doctorate Programs in the Institute of Medical Sciences? ALES base points so as to apply for post-graduate programs in our institute are in the following table: 


Graduation Grade

The Program To Apply For

ALES Base Point







Undergraduate (Four Years)



What  is Foreign Language Base Point so as to apply for Post-Graduate/ Doctorate  Programs in the Institute of Medical Sciences?

Foreign Language Provision is not wanted for Post-Graduate Programs in our Institute Programs. 55 ÜDS/ YDS / YÖKDİL Base Point is necessary for the applications for doctorate programs. The relevant table is in the following:

The Program To Apply For



The Foreign Language Provision is not wanted.



 How are the evaluations carried out so as to be accepted to Undergraduate /  Doctorate Programs in the Institute of Medical Sciences?

While the candidates are being evaluated in our institute’s programs, they are ranged by grounding on the point counting determined in the following table and the most successful candidates as many as the number of the quota announced have the right to enter the program which they apply for. The relevant table is in the following:

The Program To Apply For



 %60 of ALES + %40 of ALES AGNO


%60 of ALES + %30 of Post-Graduate AGNO + %10 of the interview exam

 How does the process work in the period of the course registration?

The student chooses the courses which he / she will take with his / her mentor in a coordinated manner at the course registration week which is stated in the schedule in the web page of Atatürk University, Registrar’s Office. Provided that the courses which the student chooses are found acceptable at the course approval week by the mentor, they are  approved. At the course changing week which is the week after the course approval week, the courses can be changed by the mentor. A student cannot take more than 15 credits’ courses. (Except for the lecture on specialized field)

I want to drop out / freeze  registration / enter for the post-graduate program in which I am educated in  the Institute of Medical Sciences. What have I to do? 

You have to apply for the Headship of the Department with a petition which states the demand for dropping out .

The processes of freezing registration; the course registration provision is not wanted in the applications for two smesters’ freezing registration. But, the processes for one semester’s freezing registration are made with the provision of HAVING COURSE REGISTRATION MADE. Therefore, a student who demands for the freezing registration has to state the period of the semester which he / she wants to freeze registration and the reason. All the applications for freezing registration are made within the first ten workdays of the relevant academic year. After two academic years’ freezing registration process, you have to apply to the Headship of the Department with a petititon before the course registration week of the relevant semester so as to have the registration of the second semester which you freeze opened. Your demand for dropping out / freezing registration / entering for is evaluated by the board of the institute and the result is notified to the student and the relevant headship of the department.

At least how many courses /  credits have I to take so as to begin the thesis period? 

The students who enter for our institute from the students who receive post-graduate education and want to start the thesis period have to complete at least one seminar / seven courses / twenty one credits successfully.

When can I  take the doctorate proficiency exam?

You can take the doctorate proficiency exam two semesters within a year in December-January and June-July provided that you complete the credit which you are responsible for.

Do the lectures on specialized  field, seminars, thesis study courses which we take during the course choice affect  AGNO? 


The lecture on specialized field, seminar, thesis study course do not affect AGNO.


I took the post-graduate /  doctorate / thesis defense exam and became successful. What have I to do for  graduation processes?


You can take the necessary documents from our management of institute.


I am not in the city. How can I  take my documents such as student certificate, transcript, diploma?

You can take your documents such as student certificate, transcript, which you demanded from our institute in person or over a person whom you will give the procuration. Any document is not given by our institute through post or fax. Diploma is given with the application which the diploma holder will make to our institute in person or through procuration.