Oltu Faculty Of Humanities And Social Sciences


The aim of the  Social  Work Undergraduate Program is to educate competent social workers who are capable of contributing to the development of social justice and human health for sustainable human and social development and can demonstrate the power of social institutions and social policies, equipped with modern and universal knowledge.

Social  Work Department Work Areas:

Graduates work as managers, planners, researchers and practitioners in the institutions they work in. With the title of “Social Worker “, they try to solve the problems of the groups such as children, the elderly, disabled, criminals, the poor, patients, the unemployed, to prevent and solve these problems socially, through the institutions and utilizing the resources of the society.

Graduates  of Department of Social Work;  they can work in Social Services and Child Protection Agency, Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Social Security Institution, Employment Agency, State Planning Organization, Social Service Provincial Directorates, Guidance and Research Centers, Child Care Centers, Day Care Center ,nursing homes, orphanages, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, mental health institutions, nursing homes and dormitories, prisons and juvenile detention houses, schools for the blind and the deaf, children's offices of police departments, and institutions for population planning. Recently, social workers' employment is being studied in schools as well as PDR services. Graduates also have the right to open private nursery and day nurseries, nursing homes.