Faculty of Pharmacy


Internship Form and Internship Application Principles
Internship Practices

   In order for the students who will have internship to be able to pay the Social Security Institution insurance without any problems and to be able to do their internship in time properly;

 Rules that must be observed by the units

1- Students are required to submit  Internship Forms and thier identity coppies to the Faculty Deans and School Directorates,to be in the Department of Health, Culture and Sports at least ten (10) days before the starting date of the internship.
2- Sending the internship documents of the students who were supposed to take lessons in summer school but do not take the courses after their condition becomes final
3- Internship requests of students who will take lessons from summer school are not accepted and their documents are not sent to our Department,
4-  To  start internship of students who have been informed that they will do an internship for whatever reason; from the month following the month of cancellation of the internship about the students who have not started their internship, quit, and who are eligible to do the internship by the internship committees,
In the same month, due to the initiation of an internship, our institution is faced with fines due to the repeated enrollment of SGK.
5- In case of internship of students who can not do their internship within 3 working days ,submitting wrtten notfication
6- The approvals of the internship forms must be made by the concerned persons,

 Rules for Students

1- Have a printout of the internship forms, if possible after being filled in the computer environment,
2- Complete the information in the Internship Form with due diligence (wrong and incomplete information may cause your victimization.)
3- Send the Internship Forms via the Faculty Deans and School Directorates and do not  bring form to the Department of Health, Culture and Sports.