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 "Turkish Tales Collection-I (Turkey Fields) Project", the 3-year period in 2019, was launched in order to transfer our cultural values and experiences  to future generations by Ataturk Culture, Language and History High Agency of  Ataturk Culture Center Presidency
Within the scope of the project, a cooperation protocol was signed between the Atatürk Cultural Center Presidency, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Research and Education, and the Turkish Language Association on 04/05/2019, and the project was included in the investment program with the President's Decree No. 767.

The aim of the project is to compile tales from Turkey in a scientific way is to create a corpus of the spoken and written tale with the collection. Postgraduate dissertations, compilations, all the tables published studies on the subject of Turkey will be evaluated. With this project, which collects previous fairy tale researches under one roof and completes the incomplete studies, it will be ensured that tales, which are an important part of the Turkish narrative tradition, are learned, an awareness of cultural heritage is created and a source of inspiration for future studies.

Detailed information about this project, which was initiated in order to keep the cultural codes of Turkish society and the common values of humanity alive, can be accessed on the website
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