Fee Collection & Return

a) Summer school course fee will be calculated by the system depending on the pre-registration process of the student for the courses and will be collected by the bank.

b) If necessary, students will be asked for their IBAN numbers from the course registration screen in order to make a refund.

c) Students will be able to pre-register for the courses they will take in summer school between the dates of pre-registration through the Student Information System (SIS) and they will be able to pay the summer school fees for these courses through the “online fee payment” screen displayed under the “fees processing” menu of the student information system. Moreover they will be able to pay from Halk Bank or Vakıflar Bankası branches and ATMs without giving any account number.  Depending on the fees deposited to the account number, any course will not be taken.

d) Students who complete the registration process by approving the course registrations will not be refunded even if they stop taking these course/courses that are opened for a certain reason.

e)The fees for courses that are not opened for any reason or courses that are not registered will be refunded to the IBAN numbers of the related students through the Student Affairs Department through the collections lists given by BAUM.

f) The fees for the courses offered in summer school will be transferred to the accounts of the Strategy Development Department by the Student Affairs Department through the collection lists to be provided separately for each unit by Baum. Related units will be able to see the amount of fees deposited for each course through these lists, and they will be able to make the necessary calculations through these lists.