2017-2018 Academic Year Fall term

1.200 ₺

2017-2018 Academic Year Spring term

850 ₺


2.050 ₺

Pedagogical Formation Certificate Programme cost is 2.050 ₺ and will be paid in 2 instalments as 1.200 ₺ in the beginning of fall term and 850₺ in the beginning of spring term.

The payments will be made during the final registration for the fall term and for the spring term during the spring term course enrolment.

 The payments will be made with the student number of Pedagogical Formation  Certificate Programme to,

1- Türkiye Halk Bankası Branches with özel tahsilat sistemi ile (KUTA)

2- the ATMs of Türkiye Halk Bankası  (1-choose Utility Payment menu 2-Fee 3- Enter Licence  plate code as 25  4- choose Ata Üni PDF menu 5- payment will be made by entering the student  number of Pedagogical Formation Certificate Programme)

There will not be any account  numbers for the payments.