Faculty of Dentistry



Our faculty takes place near to Faculty of Medicine Yakutiye Research Hospital in university campus.

Transportation to our faculty ; can be provided by both  municipality buses that belong to Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality   and minibuses that depart from Caykara Street once every five minutes.

Our faculty consists of  8 seperate department by its new extent. These  are :

Department  of  Dental  &  Maxillofacial Surgery :

It  is academic unit in which exodontia and surgical operations are practiced. In  this depart ment such extensive uses as  oral preprosthetic surgery ,surgical treatment of maxilla, facial   fracture, implant surgery, orthognathic surgery  are performed.

Dental and Maxillofacial  Radiology

It is the  academic units in which first examination,  prognosis and  treatment planning of applicant patients  are done. Physiologic and pathologic changes about  Dental and Maxillofacial health   are examined clinically and radiographically.

Department of Endodontia :

It is an academic unit dealing with disease of tissues around  dental pulp, dental root , root apex and their treatment . 

Department of  Orthodontia :

It is an academic unit that diagnoses disorders between  places of  teeth and  maxilla , searches  their causes  and  treatments ,  it tries to prevent these diseases. As the teeth are being replaced  on jaw boneby orthodontic treatment ,ideal  form of tooth – maxilla is provided both estheticly and functionally.

Department of Pedodontia :

It is the academic unit in which  dental health of children between the ages  0 - 13 is dealt with, preventive dentistry is practiced , oral hygiene instruction is given,diseases seen on  milk  and permanent  teeth  and soft tissues are treated. In that department  stopping and exodontia are done with general anesthesia.

Department of Periodontology

  It  is the academic unit that aims to prevent; diagnoses , treats diseases concerned with tissues of denture , and to make one’s health stable after the treatments ; in that department minor and major surgical operations of these tissues are done ; oral symptoms of systemic and hormanal diseases are examined.

Department of  Prosthetic  Dentistry :

It is the academic  unit that  filled  missing teeth with stable or removable dentures  ,  maxillofacial prostheses are done with implant uses. Mastication , speech ,esthetic , psychological problems  of patients are solved with prosthetic uses.

Department  of  Restorative  Dentistry :

It is the academic unit that the causes of tooth diseases are searched. And prophylactic and inhibitory treatments  against those kind of tooth diseases are practiced in this department. Crooked teeth and their deformation  because of decay , trauma, discoloration, anomaly are fixed with restorative materials. Moreover this department includes esthetic and restorative uses.