Information Guides



1) A photo  (4,5x6 cm)

2) Bachelor's Degree  Diploma for Master's Degree and Master's Degree Diploma for Doctor's Degree, or  Certificate of Graduation, copy of Bachelor's or Master's Degree transcript,  and Turkish translations, notary certified or approved by Foreign Representative  Offices of the Republic of Turkey, of these documents.

3) The certificate of  diploma equivalence, if any, to be received from Council of Higher Education  (YÖK) or the document, if any, which shows that the educational institution the  student candidate has graduated has been recognised by the Council of Higher  Education (YÖK).


1) When the student  candidates deliver the required documents to the relevant institution after  they have made their applications online, filling in the documents on the  Student Information System (ÖBS), within the application period, the  application is accepted.  The foreign  student candidates who make application need to deliver all of the documents,  in full, by hand or by e-mail. When one of the documents is missing, the  applications will not be assessed.   

2) The candidates must  make selection on the selection page, signing in the Student Information System  (ÖBS) with their user name and password after their applications are approved.  The applications of the students who do not make or complete the selection will not be  evaluated.  

3) The candidates who  apply to Master's Degree programs can make 3 selections (while the candidates  for the Faculty of Fine Arts can make 1 selection). They will be placed in only  one Master's Degree program according to the order of their selections.   After the first placement, the list of the  students who are eligible to enrol is announced on the web page of the  university. 

4) The candidates who will apply to doctoral programs must have at least 55 scores in YDS (Foreign English Exam) or the score, equivalent to this, in an exam regarded as equivalent by Inter-University Council in a foreign language (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Farsi) in addition to their mother tongues.  Foreign language exam scores are valid for five (5) years. The documents on which there is a validity time are valid until the end of this time. Applications with expired documents will not be accepted.