Kazım Karabekir Faculty of Education


Kazım Karabekir Faculty of Education trains teachers who
• are respectful to humans and human rights
• are modern
• are sensitive to both national and universal values
• are sensitive to culture and art
• regard difference as richness
• are democrats
• are productive
• are sensitive to national and universal problems and are able to offer solutions to those problems
• are able to adapt themselves to changing conditions
• have their objectives for the future
• have the ability for teamwork, leadership and communication
• are able to use educational technologies
• are able to establish relationships between different scientific branches and apply their knowledge to different scientific areas
• are able to combine theory with practice
• have self reliance and tolerance
• consider lifelong learning and self renewal to be basic principles in their professional lives
• are in harmony in themselves and with others
• have conceived the value of their profession and its ethical values
• are able to think critically and express their thoughts.
Kazım Karabekir Faculty of Education
• trains teachers to gain qualifications (general knowledge, pedagogical and field-oriented knowledge, skill and habit) determined by the Ministry of Education and Council of Higher Education.
• conducts theoretical and practical scientific studies on general education and special teaching principles, publishes the results of these studies in the national and international academic communities and makes an effort to use them for the benefit of the society.
• makes contributions to the developments of the domestic and foreign institutions, especially those dependent on the Ministry of Education, by cooperating with them and also benefits from the knowledge and experiences of these institutions.
• trains qualified academics through graduate programme.
• supports activities concerning the * education.
• makes contributions to the enhancement of learning and teaching in terms of quality and quantity in the society and educational institutions.
• closely concerns the improvement of Turkish language and the accurate and fluent use of it.
• contributes to the development of senses of sport, culture and art in the educational institutions and society.
The ultimate goal of Kazım Karabekir Faculty of Education is to be both national and international faculty by training well-qualified teachers, carrying out scientific researches on the general education and special teaching principles and offering solutions to national and universal education problems.